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The Winter Travelogue of Ladakh

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

The harshest but the most honest form of Ladakh can be seen only during the winters. Covered with a blanket of ice, the land of high passes is known for the intimidating trekking trails and rustic beauty. The Ladakh region earlier had regions like Baltistan, Lahul, Spiti, Zanskar, Guge, Nubra Valley, Aksai Chin, Rudok, Ngri and so on. It shares its borders with Tibet. Ladakh, due to its strategic location, was one of the most important trade routes in the past. There are several Ladakhi adventure tour packages in India available online & you can avail any of them as per your choices & budget.

If you are planning to travel Ladakh in winters, bear it in your mind that you are going to take a very challenging and adventurous trip. But then, a life without adventures is a life not enjoyed. Ladakh is called trekkers’ paradise, and for the right reasons. The mighty Himalayas & Karakoram challenge the trekkers and promise them to provide thrills of lifetime in Ladakh. The reward to accept the challenge is a chance to witness the magnificent views of mighty mountains and splendid landscapes while trekking.

Enjoy the Ladakhi hospitality-

Winters in Ladakh is not as comfortable as the other developed countries, the reason being lack of amenities. But the roof of the World is in its most glorious form during winters. The hotels are mostly closed in winters, so it gives you a golden chance to stay in the homestays, that is, the traditional Ladakhi houses. While your stay there, enjoy the local delicacies served here to you by your local host. A typical Ladakhi meal comprises thukpa, soup, noodles, kahwa& butter tea. Many adventure tour operators in India provide food &accommodation for the tourists who plan to visit there.

Indulge in the frozen beauty-

While you are trekking in winters, you can enjoy the ice-covered view of the Bong Bong La snow valley. Here, you’ll discover the frozen beauty of valleys, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, vegetations and the entire landscape. The temperature remains lesser than -35 degrees Celsius, and the chilly wind adds -10 degrees, making the weather extremely chilly. You might need four to five layers of warm clothes to keep you safe from getting frost bites. The shores of Indus and the land of incredible moon welcomes you while you are travelling through the mesmeric ways from Khaltse to Lamayru.

Enjoy walking on the Pangong lake-

Witness the magic & craftmanship of nature when you are visiting the Pangong Lake. During winters, the crystal clear sapphire blue water of this lake transforms into a thick sheet of ice, and one can play dance or do somersaults on it. However, it is not possible for anyone to spend more than half an hour here as the temperature is mostly below -30 degreesCelsius. It is, therefore, recommended that one must start their trip before 7’o clock in the morning and reach Changla pass as early as possible.

Pick up the most challenging treks-

Winters in Ladakh is quite challenging, and it always challenges the physical and mental stoutness of the trekkers. If you are game for it, go for the very famous Chadar Trek or more challenging Markha Valley trek, stok base camp trek, sham valley trek and so on.Enjoy staying in parachute tents while you are on the Markha Valley trek and admire the unabashed beauty of Zanskar and Ladakh while passing through two passes en route- Kongmaru La &Gandala La.

A treat to the lenses of a photographer-

Winters are considered the best time for photography while you are in Ladakh. The highest roof of the world is crowded during summers but in winters, its unsolicited beauty captivates you and inspires you to click some jaw-dropping photographs of snow clad valleys, roads and monasteries. Click some nice photographs with some picture-perfectbackdropand spend some quite time photographing.Avail the best adventure trip packages in India from the renowned travel aggregator sites like Kiros and discover some unusual trails in Ladakh.

Enjoy the vibrant colors of Ladakhi culture with Ladakhi festivals-

There are several events & festivals that take place during winters. The local people do not have much to do during the winter months so they try to enjoy and spend some time in fun & frolic. One can enjoy and participate in the festivals like Stok Monastery fest, Ladakhi Losar, ThiksayGustor and SpitukGustor.

Enjoy wild life spotting & discover the ghost of mountains-

A wildlife enthusiast or not, you would discover the thrill of spotting some wild animals while your trip to Ladakh. Most of the wild animals tend to come down to the lower altitudes during winters, and they can be easily spotted by the guides. You can also spot the ghost of the mountains-the Snow Leopard while on the quest to spot some marvelous creatures.

When the mountains are calling, you must go. Enjoy a trip to the plateau and gather some unforgettable moments to cherish while you visit Ladakh.

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