Make Your Weekends Count with These Five Places:

Once in a while, we all tend to feel stuck in an endless track of daily drudgery, no matter how satisfying our job is. Fortunately, our country is dotted with several natural attractions to re-energize ourselves and rejoice in the spontaneous moments of life. Whether you are an avid traveller or seeking an impetus to connect with nature, offbeat weekend getaways from Kolkata can offer you a sense of absolute exhilaration.

Here is a list of your ultimate weekend gateways from the urban jungle of cars and the citified life of monotony:

River cruise and island hopping: Sunderban (West Bengal) –


If you want to witness the world’s largest delta adorned with magnificent mangroves, then you must visit Sunderban, a UNESCO World Heritage Site & a Biosphere Reserve. Situated at the confluence of three great rivers the Ganges, the Brahmaputra, and the Meghna, Sunderban is an abode of boundless beauties. Majorly dominated by rivers, you can immensely enjoy the mystic crimson glow of sunsets and sunrises. Crisscrossed tidal channels and freshness of air make this off-beat weekend getaway from Kolkata a perfect place to relax. This lush and treacherous landscape is full of omnipresent Sundari mangroves and a habitat of rare species of Ganges Dolphins. Sunderban is also known as a den of royal Bengal tigers. So if you want to tread through the winding and narrow trails of forests to spot mighty tigers then must visit this heritage park.

Into the absolute wild: Simlipal National Park (Odisha)


Simlipal National Park situated in the Mayurbhanj district is known for the diversified flora, fauna, and a den of tigers. The national park has derived its name from the opulence of Simul tree and expanded over 2750 square feet area. It is also one of the largest tiger reserves of the country. You get to see melanistic tigers only in this reserve. Simlipal National Park is known for the abode of wild cats, Indian gaurs and many such wild beauties. If you are fortunate enough, you can catch a glimpse of tigers while enjoying the natural beauty of the dense forest. This offbeat weekend getaway from Kolkata is known as a land of elephants, tigers and hill mynah. If you are a bird lover, Simlipal National Park would not disappoint you. Apart from the rich treasures of nature, you can relish the local culture and authentic cuisines of several tribes.

Valley of an enigma: Panchalingeshwar Temple


A holy shrine with perennial streams and monstrous rocks, Panchalingeshwar has always enchanted the pilgrims and travellers equally. It is situated 32 kilometres away from the Balasore in Odisha at the hilltop of the Nilgiri ranges. It is one of the divine abodes of Lord Shiva in India.  The main attraction of this place is the presence of the five lingas under the continuous flow of streams.  There are many legends and folklore attached to this holy place. If you are seeking solace and peace, it is an ideal place to be.

Explore the midget Amazon of India: Bhitarkanika national park


There is nothing adventurous than the wild encounters with crocodiles and leopards. Bhitarkanika national park is known as a land of crocodiles and migrating birds. Twenty-two feet sprawling crocodiles on the mud can surely give you chills down the spine. Apart from that, you get to see more than hundred seventy species of the birds like kingfishers, sandpipers, and daters at this national park. This offbeat weekend getaway from Kolkata is well connected with airports and railway stations, so you can enjoy the trip without feeling overly stressed.

So break the monotony of your daily life with the much-needed excitement of a weekend trip. It does not matter if you are on a tight budget or schedule, nature can always surprise you with her enigma.

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