Jaunt Through the Natural Troves

Right before the onset of a new financial year at the workplace, a short jaunt may prepare you for the financial year ahead. So, here’s a sum up of all the destinations which are really blooming in the spring. Take a look:

Empyrean Kashmir – Peregrination to Pristine Peaks

Yes! The evergreen “Benazir Kashmir” or the incredible Kashmir, is for those who like it chilled. The beauty of these hills increases manifolds when the peaks glisten with snow as diamonds & a strange serenity takes over the entire land.  You can shop for the beautiful pashmina blankets & attires, embroidered in a style, called Kashmiri kadhai, in complete solace. The right time to enjoy the snowfall & quality time with your partner & also to roam about the markets, picking up treasures for lifetime.


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Colorful Kerala: Verdant & Vibrant

Known as the God’s own country, Kerala is true India in essence. The land flourishing against the mighty Indian ocean, has a charming flora &fauna  with a scenery to die for.

We all hear the sweet chimes of the temple bells because they’re being manufactured in Munnar, since ages. Yes! The town is known to cater the demands of bell metal & lamps made of different metals, across the globe, chiefly used to worship the Almighty across faiths.


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The Thekkady, in Idduki district of Kerala houses the Periyar National Park, which is the natural shelter for Indian elephants& tigers. The park has a prepossessing flora & fauna which is rare & endemic as well.

But Alleppey, the Venice of India tops the list as being the only town connected by a water channel. The water channels are accessible via beautiful house boats where you can sync yourself with the nature. Azure sky, verdant drapery & cyan waters, a true heaven for the honeymooners.

Heavenly Himachal Pradesh – Chunks of Snow

If you think Himachal is all about pilgrimage then wait & grab a map. There are many other beautiful gems awaiting to be appreciated by the admirers. The state has many gems such Dharamshala -a tranquil city near the crystal clear waters of river Bhagsu, is truly a virgin territory. There are more unexplored destinations like- Dalhousie, Manar & Khajjar


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Unbelievable Uttarakhand – Feat with Flakes of Snow

Known as the Devbhoomi, or the land of Gods, has a kooky side with a flair for adventures. Auli topping the list if adventurous sports. If you’re not a sports enthusiast then Nanital with its picturesque beauty, can steal your heart. So if you want to enjoy nature or experience frozen yet acrobatic winters then head for this beautiful Himalayan state.  The authentic Garhwali cuisine is a bonus.


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Remarkable Rajasthan: Royalty Redefined

Come to the land of Indian Maharajas & merchants, who had a knack for forts & Havelis. The forts built with burnished blocks of stones & marbles are the examples of the brilliant engineering & resource management techniques of the ancient Indians. The same genius is reflected in the handiworks & beautiful Bandhanis, available in the bustling markets of present-day Rajasthan.

Witness the zeal of nomadic tribes who’ve tamed a mighty desert into an inhabitable land. A night of desert camp, atypical camel milk cuisine, folk songs reciting folklore & much more awaits this February for you, at the –Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur & Jaisalmer.


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Glorious Gujrat: Concoction of Colors & Cultures

The western most state of India, the birthplace of the Father of the Nation,  Mahatma Gandhi & a land famous for Dandiya&Garba, has an amalgamation of various ethnicities & diverse civilizations. The rainbow hues are reflected, when you take a tour of the arid but fluttering Rann of Kutch. You can join us to this magnificent celebration of the sui generis Indian sophistication.

The weird wilds of Gir, can give you glimpse of a peacock strutting along the bushes or the majestic Asiatic Lion on a trail. The beautiful tribal handicrafts & souvenirs can be the best gifts for the friends back home.

And there’s much more to astonish you at every halt of your exploration of the splendor of Gujrat.


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Gleeful Goa – A Portuguese Panorama

Goa was Portuguese colony & the state has a long history of different dynasties coming to the power, hence Goan culture is a conglomeration of different cultures & ethnicities. Moreover, Goa is boasts a host of East Indian population. This reflects in the lifestyle & cuisine as well.

Goa being a daughter of Arabian Sea is blessed with a varied flora & fauna. The long list of rulers, from time to time build towering structures some of which are now, world heritage sites. The Hippy heaven of 80s, Goa is a hot favorite among both national & international tourists.

So if you want to taste a different wine, come to enjoy the exciting aquatic sports like snorkeling, kayaking & scuba diving. If you’re a night owl then this is your jungle. The state boasts of an atypical night life & cocktail culture. Get foreign goods at dirt cheap rates; if you can bargain.

Now let’s us head to our enigmatic East which mesmerizes the visitors, new & old alike.


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Bewitching Bengal: Uncharted Territories in North.

We’re all familiar with Darjeeling the hilly town has become synonymous with tea cultivation & global supply of the same. But there are more troves, in Northern Bengal which are masked by the popularity of the Tea Queen, Darjeeling.

Let’s start with the gates, yes! Duars literally meaning the Dwar or gates, has been the entrance point of Bhutanese to India. The beautiful duars has a lot to be appreciated. If you want to acquire a firsthand experience of the Hilly lifestyle &Lepcha culture then this is your kind of tour. Experience a village homestay inside the territories of a sanctuary. Live a life more nature friendly & fulfilling.  Breathe in the fresh air scented with the Himalayan orchids, rhododendrons & other flora. Sip the freshest tea while gazing at the remarkable sunrise on the hill tops.


Opulent Odisha: A Sea Side Saga

A land which has been known to us through the glorious history of King Ashoka who gave up war, after the bloodshed he witnessed during the conquest of Kalinga.

Yes! It was Odisha which was known as invincible Kalinga in the ancient India. The state has an incredible history to study, geography to explore & spirituality to feel. If you want more than” just a tour” then Odisha is something you should set your eyes for.

If you’re honeymooning then this tour will give a loads of memories, right from seeking the blessings of the Almighty at Puri to bathing in hot springs in Taptapani & visiting the Kashmir of Odisha aka- Daringbadi, named after a British Officer Daring sahib, this tour has everything. Plus a tranquil spot like the Gopalpur beach where you can spend quality time with your new partner.


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Unmapped Andaman: A Splash with History & Nature

The home of the notorious Kala Paani prison of the colonial era, has stood as a testimony to the struggles of our freedom fighters. The brave souls gave up their lives in the prime of their youths so that we can breathe in the air of Independent India.

The Island has a taste of history & patriotism along with a list of adventurous aquatic sports like scuba diving & snorkeling.

The Islets have a squeaky clean ambience with pristine natural surroundings. If you want to inhale the freshest air of India & still enjoy a variety of sports then Andaman is your destination, this February.


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Cyanic Karnataka: Immaculate Ambience

Coorg, the Scotland of south India has been a playground of various ethnicities & religious communities. This is reflected in the architectural marvels of the place. This quiet but quaint town houses a gothic style Church with a museum. A citadel belonging to the Hindu dynasty of the ancient Karnataka & Omkareshwar Temple. A perfect blend of both Indo-British tastes, this town can give you an experience of Colonial era with an attractive twist.


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Sightly Seven Sisters: The Novel NE

The prepossessing north east has a very old school feel with strokes of snazziness. The 7 states share a lot of common communal & ethical tastes hence are called 7 sisters, fondly. The states have been a shelter of indigenous & native communities of Eastern Himalayas. They have an influence of Hinduism, Buddhism & some native religions too.

This all has brewed up an astonishing concoction of sophistication & languages, reflected across the 7 states. The inclusion of Sikkim in India, has become the icing on this cake of 7 colors.

So if you want to see the land of Lepchas, experience Bhutanese cuisine or walk around a totally women run market then pack your bags to tour across these captivating daughters of Eastern Himalayas & adjacent hills.


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Regal Rajasthan: Mount Abu the Icing on the Sand Cake

Can you imagine frozen hills right near the Thar Desert, well we can never know what does the Mother Nature has up her sleeves. Mount Abu is the only hill station that Rajasthan can boast of. The hill station is itself a Pandora’s Box accommodating many gems like the Mount Abu Wild life sanctuary & Nakki Lake, famous for its verdant surroundings & offers the boating facility to the tourists.

The real trove is the Dilwara Temple dedicated to the Jain gods or the Tirthankar, as the gods are called in Jainism. The temples are history written in marble, standing the test of time. The temples have been mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures are known for cultural, spiritual & archaeological values.

There are more to explore which will make you wonder about the planning of the Mother Nature who so cleverly placed these hills nearby these arid reasons to relieve the natives.


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Unmatched Uttar Pradesh: Native Land of Nawabs

The land has become synonymous with sophistication & decorum of nawabs & the sui generis culture flourished, blending the best of Hindu-Muslim brother hood. Still this state has real wild side; it houses the oldest national park, named after the famed British hunter Jim Corbett, the Corbett National Park.

The park is famous for the dense canopy, tigers & other fierce but spectacular wildlife gems. A safari through the forest, studded with occasional glimpses of some wild troves, can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.


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